Love While You Live

Breath in the cold air, so you know you are there

Bring your heart into your mind, it’s all a chill

To resolve all your thrills, all that you feel

In your eyes some things will never become real

Take a guess what it is, C’mon take a guess

Do you really think this is the best?

To bring your desire out of the garden, take it out of its rest?

You will cry at the thought of this journey, maybe its a vacation from the mind

Take off a little time

To search and find the rose that has not yet bloomed

Wait, don’t leave, C’mon, stay and listen

I know this hill

Let’s go to the top and sleep there tonight

To scare ourself and kill off this old body

Feel a lover who sleeps within

Stare at the whipping shadows

This could be the death of our name

What if? What if?

Why are we so scared of death?

This kind of tragedy makes us think 

Resort to a bottle and drink

Love while you live

Soon, there’ll be nothing left to give

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