Social Media Marketing for Transgender Fashion Models: Part One: Abstract

Refinery29, “Transgender Models Are The Future Of Fashion,” accessed May 25, 2018.

Part One: Abstract: From My Masters Dissertation Project at Denver University (2018)

Social media platforms have now created a platform to give transgender models a chance for direct casting, booking, and brand ambassadors creating social change in the fashion market. I’d like to solve the problem of using new media marketing to create a presence in the fashion modeling world as a transgender woman. The most influential platforms to represent myself as a model to become my own agent.  I want to take this opportunity to create a step by step guide on how to overcome this obstacle in the fashion market. This topic will help me explore my career as a Transgender and Alternative Fashion Model. To help me research this topic I will explore the modeling world from the lens of a Transgender Model.



-Camille Hansen

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