During my meditations this week, I’ve been struggling with Inner and Outer Temples and how they can work together.  It’s always been common knowledge for me that witchcraft involved both the physical and spiritual, but I still didn’t feel like I got it.  I began trying to use different tools to help my logical side […]

As a continuation from my rant from yesterday, I had a eureka moment this week.  For decades, I have been trying to study witchcraft with fluctuations of high and low success.  I would feel myself becoming resentful and jealous at wilderness retreats where my fellow witches would get a surge of energy.  I felt that […]

My first exploration into occult music will be my own ideas and theories about music and the use of polarity magick. I am a firm believer in polarity magick and the interaction of the two being the foundation for all magickal experiences. When approaching music and music composition, I break music into two main categories: […]

Meditation  has always been  associated with the mental aspects of the craft.  For me, this is the world of imagination, where fact and fiction merge together to create a personal mythology of the mind.  In my earlier blogs, I mentioned that I have a system of magic for each need, for Meditation and  self ddefense, […]