Meditation  has always been  associated with the mental aspects of the craft.  For me, this is the world of imagination, where fact and fiction merge together to create a personal mythology of the mind.  In my earlier blogs, I mentioned that I have a system of magic for each need, for Meditation and  self ddefense, […]

When practicing magic with a darker intention, you have to know yourself! There is no way around this. Many witches a drawn to the left hand path for the excuse to become evil or run wild without any consequences. There could be nothing further from the truth. When you practice magic without moral judgements and […]

The Inner Temple To The Left My initial journey to the Inner Left Temple was inspired from fashion and the interest in the Goth/Industrial culture. I was positive that this journey would inspire Sex, Drugs, and Goth n Roll on a wild journey. What I found instead was something completely different. As I began to […]

When getting comfortable with witchcraft or any spiritual path, have a clear idea of what you want personally from it and what your community contribution should be.  For me, I label these distinctions as Black Magick for my personal journey and White Magick as my social contribution.  These are two distinct paths for me, so […]

Before we begin discussing any topics about the occult, its always a great idea to get some definitions in place and the direction you want your spiritual path to go.  When dealing with occult intentions, the terms and concepts behind white versus black, religion versus spirituality, or right hand path verses left hand path have […]