Denver Unique Week Of Fashion 2019 Event: Denver’s Unique Week Of Fashion: Jana Smith Make Up and Hair: Stacey James Clothing Designers: @shaina_swallow @litamaxwell45 @thefabulousapproach   Monday’s Night Walk: April 08 2019 The Falls Event Center 8199 Southpark Ct, Highlands Ranch, CO 80120, United States @shaina_swallow @denveruniqueweekoffashion2019 #DUWFdenver#transgendermodel #alternativemodel #tattooedmodel #denvermodel#denvermodels #darkfairy #modelsover40 @atyourserviceeventspr   Thursday’s […]

Conclusion Transgender models have had trouble finding work within the modeling community due to the lack of inclusion in the fashion industry. Some Transgender models have found opportunities with other identifiers such as alternative modeling to try and avoid discrimination within the modeling world. As acceptance and understanding of the trans community grow, Transgender fashion […]

Recommendations         The future for Transgender models is beginning to look positive.  Within the past two years, a couple of Transgender modeling agencies are being created as a result of the lack of inclusion and the use of social media to create the demand. In a Vice article written in 2017 named […]

Discussion When researchers tackled the broad topic of new media marketing, their research can come to a complete halt as a result of so many social media platforms.  According to the author of the book Instagram Power by Jason G. Miles mobile platforms dominate the market with social media sites.  Miles, 2014, explains, “The world […]

Solution The solution that is presented by researchers and myself is the use of social media marketing to gain exposure and raise awareness for the Transgender community.  The most striking case was the study of Andreja Pejic (notable transgender model/actor) in the published book “Digit@l Girls” by authors MacPherson, Marko, Shawn Dahl, and Nicole Phelps. […]

Literature Review In approaching this problem, others have approached it with the aim of learning best practices that applied to model careers as a transgender fashion model. The best way to evaluate the issues to move towards an understanding was to research those who have written on the subject. I wanted to find articles with […]

Part Three: The Problem Statement: From My Masters Dissertation Project at Denver University (2018)   The Problem Statement  This solution to modeling exposure for transgender models may seem simple at the surface level but has become a struggle within the transgender community as the fashion world is slow to accept and include transgender fashion models […]

Part Two: Background and The Importance of the Problem: From My Masters Dissertation Project at Denver University (2018) The Importance of The Problem This blog series will be focused on the Transgender community, I would like to share some gender theory to help with some terms used. Sex, gender identity/expression, and sexual orientation are components […]

Refinery29, “Transgender Models Are The Future Of Fashion,” accessed May 25, 2018.

Part One: Abstract: From My Masters Dissertation Project at Denver University (2018) Social media platforms have now created a platform to give transgender models a chance for direct casting, booking, and brand ambassadors creating social change in the fashion market. I’d like to solve the problem of using new media marketing to create a presence in […]